KS Car Sales & Service is an Ontario registered used cars dealer located in Scarborough, Ontario. We are specialized in selling economical qualified Used Cars, SUVs, and Minivans. Safety is always our prior concern. Every vehicle we sell has been completely inspected by our certified technicians, and guaranteed is safe and comfort on the road.

    In KS Car, not only are our vehicles come with free CarProof or Carfax Report, but also provide FREE 3 months / 3000 km extended warranty. To ease your mind, we also offer buyback policy, and welcome all our customers to come back whenever you want to sell or upgrade cars.

    Our experienced sales staff is eager to share with you their auto knowledge, and always strive to exceed your expectation. Just click our online PRE-OWNED VEHICLE INVENTORY to start enjoying a better investment experience.

    We are located on busy Kingston Road, two blocks west of Midland Ave. We are just next to a Tim Hortons. Our customers can get fresh coffee and free Wi-Fi at Tim Hortons when family members test drives a car.

    Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory

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    To protect your investment, KS Car offers every customer 3 months/3000km FREE Extended Warranty from 40+ years history “Lubrico Warranty” covering Engine, Transmission, Transfer case, Differential, Turbo supercharger, Towing, Roadside Assistant, Breakdown away from home, Seals and Gaskets, Supplementary mechanical parts for engine, transmission, Drivetrain and Transfer case, Electrical, Fuel Injection, Steering, Front Suspension, Brakes, Air conditioning and so much more!

    Upgrade warranty to 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 4 years are available with discount price.

    About Lubrico

    Lubrico Warranty has been providing Peace of Mind Motoring to Canadian car buyers and dealers since 1977, and have helped customers to the tune of $147 million in claims and counting. Lubrico plans are available at the time you purchase a vehicle or prior to the expiration of your Factory Warranty from over 4,000 automobile dealers, and have more than 2,500 repair centres authorized to carry out claim repairs.

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    KS Car Sales & Service works with you in every step of getting a Right Financing Plan. Our third party financial companies are automotive lenders that specialize in providing financial backing for consumers who cannot receive a fair auto loan through conventional prime lenders. With a unique lending philosophy, consumers no longer have to abide by the ridged bank guidelines when looking to secure a vehicle. From Bad Credit Auto Loans to Conventional Prime Lending Rates, we have the ability to help any client regardless of their circumstances.

    We Help Clients Who:

    • Are having a difficult time securing the loan they want
    • Are new to the country
    • Have limited credit information
    • Have had previous repayment issues
    • Have claimed bankruptcy (discharged or un-discharged)
    • Have difficulty proving income
    • Are currently overextended with debt
    • Are looking for a vehicle that does not fit other lender’s guidelines

    Service and maintenance

    KS Car Sales & Service is your truly auto expert in maintenance and repair. With proper maintenance, we can help your car keep running strong, safe, and avoid future costly repair expense. If you need an oil change, a brake repair, or having any maintenance question, please do not hesitate to call us or make an appointment. Our goal is make your driving experience comfortable and satisfying.

    Auto General Service and Repair
    • Brakes Service & Repair
    • Tires & Tires Repair
    • Oil Change
    • Batteries Service
    • Lights, Wipers & Accessories
    • Vehicle Inspection

    KS Car Specialized Area
    • General Electrical Diagnosis and repair
    • Starting and Charging Systems Service
    • Engine check lights problem
    • Intake and Exhaust
    • Heating and A/C service and repair
    • Engine and Transmission maintenance
    • Suspension Service and Repair
    • Coolant System Service
    • Emission Fail or Not Ready Solution

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    • Kingston Rd/ Midland Ave West 2 blocks, next to Tim Horton)
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